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Infrared Vacutherm Bike

Infrared Vacutherm Bike



Synergy of CARDIO training which uses both Vacuum Technology – Lipo Drainage and Infrared therapy.

Cosmo Contour VacuTherm Recline Bike is designed for cardio training, equipped with Vacuum and InfraRed technology. Due to the unique lying position adopted during training, it is an effective alternative to other cardio devices which doesn’t put any excessive strain on the lower limbs and back.

 MENU – available in different language versions

PERSONALISATION – Cosmo Contour tailored to your needs – choose the color of the device 

ACCESSORIES – The VACUTHERM BELTS- in 4 different sizes: XS- S- M- L-

SCREEN – modern color touch screen panel - easy to use thanks to it's intuitive menu. After just one use you will know everything about how to use and manage the equipment.