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Infrared Body Roller

Infrared Body Roller


Roll Massage for Body Shaping with infrared technology.

During exercise , infrared rays clean your skin and body from toxins. They also kill fat cells more easily while fighting against cholesterol, heavy metals, acids and toxic compounds. As a result, your skin looks more radiant thn ever,
fresh & healthy.

The result of this is increased blood flow and the blood supply to the tissue. Oxygen is better conducted into the cells of the body which produces relaxation, helps with reduction of muscle pain and accelerates the healing process.

This method significantly accelerates fat burning,
cellulite reduction, and improves the appearance of the skin. IR therapy strengthens the immune system and effectively supports the fight against colds and influenza infections at an early stage. It also helps to bind free radicals which leads to an efficient cleansing of the body.

✔ MENU – available in different language versions

✔ PERSONALISATION – Cosmo Contour tailored to your needs – choose the color of the device 

✔ SCREEN  modern color touch screen panel - easy to use thanks to it's intuitive menu. After just one use you will know everything about how to use and manage the equipment.

✔ ACCESSORIES – necessary for anti-cellulite massage: stool, mat