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Infrared Vacutherm Treadmill

Infrared Vacutherm Treadmill


Synergy of CARDIO training which uses both Vacuum Technology – Lipo Drainage and Infrared therapy.

The Cosmo Contour VacuTherm treadmill is designed for cardio training, equipped with Vacu and InfraRed technology. The recommended activity is a brisk, determined walk. One of the most notable and exciting benefits is weight loss.

✔ MENU – available in different language versions

✔ PERSONALISATION – Cosmo Contour tailored to your needs – choose the color of the device 

✔ ACCESSORIES – The VACUTHERM BELTS- in 4 different sizes: XS- S- M- L-

✔ SCREEN – modern color touch screen panel - easy to use thanks to it's intuitive menu. After just one use you will know everything about how to use and manage the equipment.